SYNCHRONY® CX-1500/CX-1540

Product Highlights

  • Concentrates Cell Based and Legacy Traffic

  • Wide Variety of Interface Modules

  • Sophisticated Diagnostics

  • Supports Terrestrial and Satellite Networks

  • ATM Standards Compliant

  • Compact and Rack Mountable

  • Supports Data Encryption Equipment


The SYNCHRONY Cell Exchange ATM products offer a flexible, modular,
scalable, and cost effective multi-access solution for WAN connectivity to
emerging ATM networks.

Multi-access functionality allows users to transition into new ATM technology at
their own pace, while preserving their investment in the existing application

The SYNCHRONY Cell Exchange products provide the user with an ATM Cell
platform that serves on the "network edge" to multiplex and concentrate cell
bearing traffic (ATM), Frame Relay and legacy (IP, Ethernet, TDM, async, bi-
sync, SNA) traffic.

The SYNCHRONY Cell Exchange products enhance the capabilities of the
SYNCHRONY family of products, and their flexible architecture and interface
diversity make them ideal for a full range of ATM applications. The current ST
products connect to the ATM services through these Cell Exchange products.

Flexibility is the key when it comes to managing the Cell Exchange CX-1500 and
CX-1540. It offers both a user friendly, menu driven configuration and diagnostic
system and an industry standard SNMP V.2 management capability. Access to
these management systems can be accomplished locally via a direct connect RS-
232 port, 10Base-T port (RJ-45), or remotely either through the network or via
dial-in modem.
Data Sheet

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The CX-1500
The CX-1540
             Technical Specifications

Management Interface
-- Access - SNMP and TELNET, ASCII, Terminal, Modem
-- Protocol - Menu Driven with On-line Help
-- Password Protection - Three Levels of Password Protection
-- Configuration - Non-Volatile
-- Electrical - EIA RS-232, DB-9(M) Connector
-- Data Rates - 9.6Kbps Standard

-- ATM Forum - ATM-UNI, AAL1, AAL5
-- BellCore - TR-TSY-000772, TR-TSY-000773, TR-TSV-001062

-- Loop types - Line, Local, Payload, and Data Terminal (Varies with card type)

Performance Monitor
-- Level 1, Level 2, Error Counts, Thresholds, Statistics, Status History,
Current Status & Cell Counts

-- Operating Temp. 0 to 50° C; 32 to 122° F
-- Relative Humidity 0% to 95% Non-Condensing

-- Internal, External, Recovered Reference and Station Clock

AC Option: 90 to 230 VAC. 47 to 63 Hz
DC Option: -48VDC

AC Option: 100-240 VAC. 50 to 60 Hz

5.25" High by 19" Wide by 14" Deep Standard Rack Mount. 16-20 lbs.
(Nominal depending on no. of cards and type), 15 Module Slots

1.75" High by 19" Wide by 14" Deep
 CX-1500/1540 Modules Pricing-2019-2020

CPU Module (CX-CPU2): $2,995.00

Station Clock Module (CX-SCM): $2,495.00

Hub Router Legacy Interface Module (CX-HRIM4): $3,795.00

Cell Interfaces:

OC3 Cell Interface Module (CX-OC3C-MM): $3,995.00

OC3C Cell Interface Module (CX-OC3C-SM): $4,995.00

DS3 Cell Interface Module (CX-DS3+): $4,995.00

Dual Synchronous Cell Interface Module (CX-DSC): $3,495.00

Dual T1 Cell Interface Module (CX-T1C): $3,995.00

E1 Cell Interface Module (CX-E1C): $3,995.00

Legacy Interfaces:

High-Speed Synchronous Legacy Interface Module (CX-HSL): $3,695.00

Dual Synchronous Legacy Interface Module (CX-DSL+): $3,495.00

Structured T-1 Legacy Interface Module (CX-STL-4/STL-8): $3,495.00

High-Speed Serial Interface Legacy Module (CX-HSSL): $3,795.00

Low Speed, Asynchronous Legacy Interface Module (CX-LSAL): $3,995.00

Unstructured T1/E1 Legacy Interface Module (CX-UTEL): $3,995.00

Unstructured DS3/T3 Legacy Interface Module (CX-UD3L): $4,595.00

Unstructured E3 Legacy Interface Module (CX-UE3L): $4,595.00
Cell Exchange
-- ATM Edge Access Box
The CX-1500 is a compact, rack mountable, 15 slot chassis that can operate with
any combination of CPE
or network interfaces.
The state-of-the-art cell bus
backplane switches and multiplexes
data from a wide variety of interface
modules ranging in speed from
2.4 Kbps to 155 Mbps.
Interface modules supporting
both terrestrial and satellite communications networks makes "ATM Anywhere" a
reality. For high reliability applications that require a minimum of downtime, the
CX-1500 can be optioned with a redundant Power Supply and/or CPU.

The CX-1500 flexible architecture and interface diversity make it ideal for a wide
range of ATM applications. Combined with comprehensive SNMP, full traffic
management and its "Any to Any" connectivity, the CX-1500 provides powerful
ATM service capabilities with maximum network efficiency.
The CX-1540 is a smaller, lighter, more
cost-effective solution for the user who
wants to connect a small number of
legacy or ATM applications to a larger
ATM switch or network.
The CX-1540 uses the same interface
modules as the CX-1500, allowing the
user to create custom packages for
specific applications.