Since 1990, Tangent has provided TimePlex products that
has provided customers with high quality networking
systems and service support for
Data and Voice
applications from
TDM, Frame Relay,  to ATM with
Network Management System, giving them the
competitive edge to help keep their business in business.

Tangent  takes pride in its excellent reputation in the
telecommunications industry, providing total network
solutions and operational support services for our
customers worldwide.

You can rely on Tangent for your Timeplex networking
At Tangent Communications, we work hard to deliver
our high quality, professional services to our current
and new customers worldwide.

The services are:

  • Link/2+, Microlink/2+,Minilink/2+, CX-1500, and
    ST-1000 Parts Only Maintenance Plans:

  • Plan A: Next Business Day (NBD) Advance
    Replacement Parts For US Destinations, 2-3
    Days For Non-US Destinations.

  • Plan B: 14-21 Day Repair or Replace for US or
    Non-US Destinations.

  • Availability of Spare Parts For Purchase.