Since 1990, Tangent Communications has provided
Timeplex customers with high quality networking
systems and support, giving them the competitive
edge to help keep their business in business.

Tangent takes pride in its excellent reputation in the
telecommunications industry, providing total network
solutions and operational support services for our
customers worldwide.
At Tangent, we provide
  • Networking Products -- you can count on
  • ATM (Timeplex Cell Exchange)
  • TDM and compressed voice products (Timeplex Link/2
    and Timeplex Synchrony ST-1000)

  • Services -- we care for your business
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Repairing Timeplex products

If you have any questions, contact us.

In 2007 Tangent
Communications, Inc.
acquired the intellectual
capital of Timeplex
including software,
schematics, board test
equipment & system test